Living Specimens + Educational Material = Pedestal Gardens

Macro Photography + Op Art = Silver Gelatin Prints

Silver Gelatin Prints + QR Code + Smart Phone = Glitch Art Videos on Vimeo

Macro Photography + Op Art + Animation + Sound = Glitch Art on Video Monitors

Inspiration from Josef Albers

Educational Element: 

Lichen are symbiotic organisms composed of fungi, green alga and cyanobacterium. They are an indicator species for nitrogen oxides- green house gases emitted from vehicle exhaust, and the burning of coal, oil, diesel fuel, and natural gas, especially from electric power plants. These unstable forms nitrogen contribute to climate change and acid rain. Since they receive all their nutrients from the air, lichen act as a "canary in the coal mine" for nitrogen pollution. 

Lichen samples collected from the field are used to create arrangements of living specimens. This also includes additional educational information about their function as bio indicators and the damaging effects of nitrogen pollution.

Macro Photography: 

On hiking treks in National and State Parks, different lichen species are photo documented. Seeing this world magnified, allows for a whole new level of appreciation for these micro ecosystems.

Op Art:

The photographs are digitally cut and arranged using Josef Albers’ Structural Constellations to map out the designs. I have received permission from The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation to do so. Josef’s geometric designs with their unstable dimensions contrast sharply with the organic lichen structures. 

Video Art: 

The photographic prints are  each contain a QR Code that leads the viewer to an animated version of that particular design on Vimeo. 
The designs are layered, animated, and sometimes glitchy. The human created sounds add contrast to the organic nature of the lichen. 

Paul Farmer