Paul Farmer 

As an interdisciplinary artist, Paul Farmer's interests range from painting/sculpture hybrids to video and community engagement. His painting abstractions vary from slick, linoleum-like surfaces to three-dimensional pieces, composed by layering many multiples of thick paint strips. Using paint skins in a sculptural manner, these assemblages center around the idea of the simultaneous ‘concealing as revealing’ nature of the medium. Seeking to further this exploration, he also experiments with non-traditional methods of video-making that employ  textural moving images and sound. Common themes found throughout his body of work include conflict, spirituality, and the push-pull nature of the struggle between man and earth. 

Paul is a recent transplant to Los Angeles from the mountains of western North Carolina. He received a B.A. in Art & Design from North Carolina State University and an M.F.A. from Western Carolina University. Additionally, Paul has had artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, I-Park and The Bascom Center. 

"Never Fully Right" Solo Exhibition

 October 3-21, WCU Fine Art Museum, NC

Current Events

Painting and sculpture installation at I-Park Foundation,​ East Haddam, CT

"Abstract Exhibit 1" 3/4/17  Beyond The Lines Gallery,

Opening 3/4/17, Bergamot Station​, Santa Monica