​Macro Photography + Op Art = Digital Collage
Photographic Prints + QR Code = Interactivity

Animation + Sound = (G)LI(T)CHEN

Contact: Paul Farmer  Email: paulfarmerartist@gmail.com 

All images are copyrighted © by Paul Farmer. © 2024. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This body of work, titled (G)LI(T)CHEN, follows a progression from macro photo documentation to Op Art digital collages to video animation. My artistic research concerns  the impact of nitrous oxide pollution on lichen populations, which are bioindicators for the greenhouse gas and allow scientists to track changes in air quality. 

​The optical illusions seen here are geometric structures with unstable dimensions and remind us to question what we see. For interactivity, viewers may scan QR codes next to the images to see animated versions of the work. The videos consist of sequences that combine sound with rhythmic changes in abstract textural imagery. 

This project received support from the North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina, the Burke Arts Council, the Caldwell Arts Council, the United Arts Council of Catawba County, the Rock School Arts Foundation, the Hiddenite Center, Iredell Arts Council, and McDowell Arts Council Association.

Paul Farmer Artist