The true importance of art is its ability to create dialogue and interactions among us. Draw Sylva isn't a contest or about artistic ability, but is a community building exercise using art as a vehicle. On the surface, it promotes art making as a positive activity to engage in. On a deeper level, it reveals what people value the most in their community. For the artist, it is about getting out of the studio and collaborating with the public. 


​​In 2016, for two weeks in April, sketchbooks and pencils were placed around the community on benches, in restaurants and watering holes, asking folks to "Draw Sylva". We were blown away when we received over 500 drawings. All of the sketches went into an exhibition at The Jackson County Public Library where a reception was held. In the end, all of the sketches were compiled into a book and a copy was donated to the Jackson County Public Library. Draw Sylva became an annual event, held in 2017 & 2018 before the Greening Up the Mountains Festival. 

Community Engagement = Art Is For Everyone

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